Did you know it is a legal requirement that your lift is inspected every six months?

As the owner or manager of a block of flats, you need to know that lifts have to be inspected at 6 monthly intervals.  Under our Blocks of flats insurance policy we’ll arrange the inspections which will highlight any remedial work required.

Lifts also have additional insurance requirements and we can include under one policy cover for Sudden & Unforeseen Damage, Breakdown, Electrical Shorting, Burning Out and damage caused by Operating Error.

Please see below for an indication of premiums:

Insurance and Inspection for 1 Passenger Lift
3 Storey 4 Storey 5 Storey
£332.00 £351.20 £384.85

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Premiums shown include IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) and VAT as appropriate.

Your building may also contain other equipment (e.g. hot water and heating supplies, air conditioning units, service lifts, generators, window cleaning gantries and the like) that also have a statutory requirement for inspection.