Do you own a rental property? If so, it’s important to purchase landlord insurance to help ensure your buildings are protected.

Landlord insurance will safeguard your property, tenants and the rental activities that you carry out, regardless of whether you rent as a professional, or as a second income generator. A standard home insurance policy is unlikely to provide the required cover for a rental property.  

What does Landlord Insurance cover?

Not sure what insurance you need as a Landlord? Lansdown Insurance Brokers understand that each tenancy arrangement is unique, which is why we offer different levels of cover to suit your needs and budget. Landlord Insurance cover varies, depending on which level you opt for, but can include protection against:

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  • How much is landlord insurance?

    How much landlord insurance costs can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location and type of rental property, the coverage options selected, the insurer’s underwriting criteria, the landlord’s claims history, and the desired policy limits.

    To get an accurate cost of landlord insurance for your property, it’s advisable to compare landlord insurance from multiple providers. Working with an experienced insurance broker, like Lansdown, can also help landlords find the best coverage for their specific needs and budget.

  • Is it possible to purchase multi property landlord insurance?

    Yes, it is possible to purchase multi-property landlord insurance, often referred to as portfolio landlord insurance. This type of insurance is designed for landlords who own multiple rental properties and want to streamline their insurance coverage under a single policy.

    If you are looking for multi-property landlord insurance, please contact our specialist team directly.

  • Is landlord insurance cover a legal requirement?

    Landlord insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK. However, while it may not be mandated, it’s highly recommended for landlords to have insurance coverage to protect their investment properties and mitigate potential financial risks. It’s worth noting that landlord insurance can sometimes be a requirement of mortgage lenders too.

    Without insurance, landlords could be personally liable for damages, injuries, or legal expenses arising from incidents on their rental properties, potentially putting their financial well-being at risk. If you want to know what landlord insurance you need for your property, speak to our experienced team.

  • Who pays building insurance landlord or tenant?

    Typically, building insurance is paid by the landlord. It’s part of their responsibility to protect their investment in the property. However, lease agreements can vary, and sometimes tenants may be responsible for certain insurance costs, especially in commercial leases or if the lease agreement specifies it. It’s always best to clarify this aspect in the lease agreement to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Can I purchase landlord insurance with home emergency cover?

    Yes, you can purchase landlord insurance and home emergency cover from Lansdown Insurance Brokers. Home emergency cover typically provides assistance and financial protection for urgent repairs to your rental property, such as plumbing and heating system failures, electrical faults, or security issues.

    If you are looking for landlord insurance with home emergency cover, please contact our specialist team directly.