Business Insurance can mean a lot of things, so here at Lansdown we want to break this down into something easy and straightforward to understand. Essentially, insurance for your business should protect you from the wide range of potential challenges – from small everyday risks, to unexpected compensation claims from employees or third parties. 

The types of cover you buy will depend on what type of business you are running – a shop insurance policy is going to be very different from an Office Insurance policy, which is also going to cover different risks to Tradesman Insurance. Lansdown can help you to ensure that you only pay for the cover you actually need. You can find out more about our specialist small business insurance here.

Typically, business insurance will include a combination of:

  • Employers’ liability insurance – a legal requirement if you employ one or more people 
  • Public liability insurance 
  • Professional indemnity insurance 
  • Contents insurance 
Bespoke commercial insurance

All businesses are unique in the services, products or advice they offer, but some are more complex than others when looking into their business insurance requirements. Lansdown’s bespoke commercial policies are underwritten on a case-by-case basis to ensure that our clients are protected against the risks their business could face. 

Bespoke commercial insurance policies shouldn’t be bought online, these policies require the combined experience of broker and insurance company to ensure you have exactly the cover you need.

For businesses that need more than an “off-the-shelf” policy

At Lansdown we’ll take the time to understand your business and day-to-day operations. We will talk through your requirements in order to tailor a policy specific to you and your business. The team can quote for any type of business, and have a range of A Rated UK-based insurers we can approach depending on your business type.

The Lansdown team will guide you through the various types of business insurance cover available in plain English. We’ll look at your potential legal liability, property, employee and other liability risks and then recommend the best business insurance quote for your requirements.

Our aim is to make sure that if you do suffer a major loss you have the cover in place to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is employers’ liability insurance compulsory?

    If you have one or more employees then yes, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. Your business could face fines of £2,500 for every day you do not have this cover in place.

  • What is professional indemnity insurance?

    If as part of your role you offer advice or professional services, you’ll most likely need professional indemnity insurance. 

    Professional indemnity insurance means that if, in the course of your business, you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice or services to one of your clients, you will be covered for the legal costs and expenses in defending the claim, as well as compensation payable to your client to rectify the mistake.

    Find out more about Professional Indemnity Insurance. 

  • Is public liability insurance compulsory?

    Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. However, it’s an extremely important cover for any business that interacts with the public.

  • Do I need business insurance if I’m self-employed?

    Depending on your line of work some covers will be more beneficial than others.

    If you don’t employ anyone you will not need employers’ liability insurance.

    If you provide a professional service, or offer advice, it is most likely you will need a professional indemnity insurance policy. For some careers this is compulsory, for example if you’re a solicitor. 

    You will need to consider if there’s any chance of someone being injured or their property getting damaged as a result of your work. If there is a risk of this, then you will need to look into public liability insurance too. 

  • How much does business insurance cost?

    Comprehensive business insurance is probably more affordable than you may think. Our policies are tailored to your business activities and the risks associated with them, meaning that you only pay for the cover you actually need. 

    Higher risk businesses such a tree surgeon will naturally cost more to insure than a low risk office insurance policy.