Is your property going to be empty for a while? If so, you may need unoccupied property insurance to ensure your vacant property is adequately protected.

Unoccupied property insurance (also known as unoccupied house insurance, empty house insurance or vacant property insurance) covers you when your property is left empty for a period that falls outside of your standard level of insurance cover. 

When do you need unoccupied property insurance?

If there is nobody in your property for an extended period, the chances of theft go up. There is also an increased risk of damage from natural events such as storms or floods, as there’s no one on hand to tackle repairs quickly so the damage is often much worse.

Whether your house is empty while up for sale, vacant while undergoing renovations or temporarily unoccupied while you’re travelling, we can provide the specialist unoccupied property insurance you need.

We also offer other types of insurance for unoccupied properties, including probate home insurance, and cover for houses where the owner is in care.

What does unoccupied property insurance cover?

At Lansdown Insurance Brokers, we understand there are many reasons to leave a property empty. So, we offer flexibility when it comes to the different circumstances we can provide cover for, the duration of the cover, and the types of cover we can provide, including protection against damage from:

  • Natural disasters such as storms, floods and fires 
  • Escaped water or oil, from burst pipes
  • Theft and/or attempted theft
  • Malicious damage

Cover can also include:

  • Legal expenses cover, for example if you need to pay legal fees to remove squatters
  • Property Owners Liability insurance

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Specialist unoccupied property insurance for landlords

Our unoccupied property insurance is also suitable for landlords and is suitable for properties that are:

  • Empty for an extended period in between tenants
  • Vacant due to renovations or maintenance
  • Student accommodation that isn’t occupied during the summer months
  • Or new, buy-to-let properties that aren’t ready to let yet.

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  • When would my property be classified as an unoccupied property?

    In the first instance, you should always check your existing insurance policy wording but, typically, most standard home insurance policies only cover properties that are empty for 30-60 days. If your property is unoccupied for longer than this it’s likely you will need unoccupied property insurance.

  • Do landlords need unoccupied insurance if their property is empty between tenants?

    This will depend on the wording in the existing insurance policy you have with your current insurer. It’s likely they will specify a maximum number of days that the property can be vacant before unoccupied property insurance for landlords is required.

  • How long can a property be unoccupied for?

    At Lansdown Insurance Brokers, we understand that the length of time you need an unoccupied property insurance policy for can be uncertain. For example, if your property is being renovated we appreciate that building work can extend on longer than expected, or if your property is going through the probate, it can be hard to know how long the process will take. Because of this, we offer a range of flexible durations of unoccupied property insurance policies – including 3, 6, 9 and 12-month options – which can be easily extended for as long as they are needed.

  • How much does unoccupied property insurance cost?

    The main factors that can influence the cost of unoccupied property insurance are the value of the property insured, the location of the property, the reason why the property is unoccupied, the level of cover selected and any previous claims history. To get an indication of how much unoccupied property insurance would be for your property, we recommend getting an instant, no obligation quote online here.

  • Are “vacant property insurance”, “empty house insurance” and “unoccupied property insurance the same thing?

    Yes. As insurance brokers we usually refer to policies for empty or vacant properties as unoccupied property insurance policies but if you were searching for “empty house insurance”, “vacant property insurance”, “unoccupied building insurance” or any other related term, rest assured that our unoccupied property insurance is likely what you need. Contact our experienced team if you need more help.

  • What doesn’t unoccupied property insurance cover?

    Typically, unoccupied property insurance policies usually don’t provide cover against losses caused by wear and tear, Terrorism or Employers liability.