Building work projects can vary tremendously in size, complexity and in the level of professional guidance required. Now more than ever, with an increase in the number of home-owners extending, altering and maintaining their properties, it is vital that you protect your home whilst these works are taking place.

Creating your ideal home is not without risks and if you fail to comply you could find yourself out of pocket, so it is important to seek professional advice where possible.

From an insurance perspective we have put together the following checklist and would advise you to consider each point before commencing with any works:

  • Inform your home insurance provider
  • Will the property remain occupied during the works?
  • Is cover for your contents required whilst removed?
  • Ensure the appropriate authorities and specialist engineers are notified and appointed if required.
  • Specialist insurance policies are available to you if you are considering a loft or basement conversion. You may have seen reports of buildings that have collapsed during the contract through no one person’s negligence, so it is important to have this cover in place.
  • Are you required to serve your neighbours a party wall notice, be sure that this is done ahead of the project and if necessary appoint a specialist independent party wall surveying team to advise.
  • On completion of the works, review your sums insured – following the work is there a higher exposure, is a valuation needed?

Please note that a failure to inform your insurer could invalidate your policy.

The Contractor

  • Use a reputable contractor and check that they are adequately insured – ask for a copy of their liability insurance documents for your records.
  • Is the work associated with the contract insured? Check that the contractor has this in place, although be aware that some contracts will place the responsibility on the policyholder to insure the works.

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Lansdown Insurance Brokers are specialists in Block of flats insurance, Personal insurance and Business insurance. We are able to provide flexible policies to suit individual client needs and provide advice on what cover is needed. For more information call the team on 01242 524498.

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