A burst pipe is both an inconvenience and a considerable expense. Just a small crack can release vast amounts of water, damaging masonry and plaster, carpets and other contents.

You can reduce your chance of suffering a bust pipe loss by following these simple steps:

  • Boilers and heating systems should be serviced regularly and the thermostat needs to be working correctly
  • Ensure you know where to turn off the water supply
  • Check the insulation around your water pipes and cold water tank – if they are in the loft or another vulnerable space they should be lagged or similar
  • Turn external taps off and disconnect any hoses
  • Keep your heating on during the winter months.

What if your pipes are frozen…

If you have a frozen pipe, don’t wait for it to burst. Turn off your water supply immediately and then slowly warm up the affected pipe by introducing gentle heat, such as with a hairdryer, space heater or hot water bottle. Do not use a blow torch or other open flame.

If you do come across a burst pipe, turn off the water supply at the stopcock and do your best to catch any excess water in a suitable container. Avoid using any electrics if you believe these may have been affected by the escaping water. Before using your electrics again, you’ll need to have them checked by a professional electrician.

Devices are now available which can detect extreme water flow and send a warning or even automatically turn off the water. Leak detection systems are also available, which will send a notification to a designated person enabling them to take appropriate action and hopefully minimise any damage.

What if your property is unoccupied…

  • Keep the property heated to reduce the chance of a pipe freezing
  • If the premises will be unoccupied for a long period of time, drain and turn off the your water system
  • Ask a friend to check on the property daily. This may not prevent a loss but early identification can help reduce the ultimate cost.

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