Sometimes things don’t go to plan when you need to make a claim and we know that this can be extremely frustrating for clients. We’re specialist blocks of flats insurance brokers and work for you. Our team are experts in what they do and will always fight your corner and support you through the claims process, as demonstrated by the claim case study below.

The incident                                

Our claims team helped a client with a claim where there had been a leak from one flat into another. In the client’s property, a large portion of the ceiling had collapsed due to water damage. Our client was asked to obtain two estimates which they subsequently provided.

Although the usual practice would be to authorise the lower of any quotes obtained, our client had a preference to engage the contractor who provided the higher quote, based on the quality of the works they had done by him previously. Having presented our client’s request for consideration, insurers agreed the higher quote on this occasion.

The issue arose when three days later, the insurer had returned to us to advise that following their further review and their usual practice to authorise the lower quote, they were now limiting their liability to that of the lower quote. This presented us with the unacceptable situation of our client being financially out of pocket as, following our checks, the client had already engaged the services of the contractor whose estimate was approved.

How did Lansdown help?

We were not prepared to accept this outcome and challenged accordingly. Holding the insurer to account, we made it to clear to them that they cannot give with one hand, but then immediately take with another. We argued that limiting their liability, after approval of the higher estimate was already issued and works commenced, would not represent fair claims handling practice and certainly wouldn’t be treating the customer fairly.

The result

Following our challenge and upon submission of the final invoice for works, the insurers responded confirming settlement as initially agreed and payment was issued to our client – leading to the conclusion of a fair and righteous outcome.

About Lansdown

Lansdown Insurance Brokers are specialists in Block of flats insurancePersonal insurance and Business insurance. We are able to provide flexible policies to suit individual client needs and provide advice on what cover is needed. For more information call the team on 01242 524498.



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