Check your gutters, downpipes and hoppers for blockages regularly so that they can carry water away quickly. If they are not maintained and checked regularly, blockages will occur and the build-up of water will cause damage.

In addition to this, if a downpipe is obstructed, any trapped water may crack or shatter the downpipe if it freezes. If there are splashes of soil at the base of walls this can be an indication that water is not being caught by the gutter.

Maintaining your roof

Loose or missing slates and tiles could mean that water is finding its way through your roof. Although it is an unwanted expense, organising for a professional to put back a loose or missing slate is much cheaper that repairing or replacing roof timbers.

These are all simple precautionary measures which if undertaken regularly, can save a huge amount of time and trouble later by avoiding pricey repairs or replacement costs.

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