The Barn Owl Centre is a feet on the ground charity that provides owl conservation support to farmers & landowners UK wide.

In addition, they also operate a dedicated Bird Sanctuary that gives 24hr care and support to an array of captive bred birds that over time have come into their care as either unwanted or mistreated pets. Their rehabilitation programs are structured as this enables birds to be re-trained to re-gain trust in people.

The Barn Owl Centre’s mission statement is:

  • To advance the conservation and preservation of the wild barn owl and other British owls and raptor species through environmental projects and research studies
  • To promote and encourage the biodiversity and conservation of all wildlife
  • To conserve, maintain and protect all land managed by the charity for the benefit of the environment, wildlife and mankind
  • To provide and maintain a working centre complete with nature reserve and to offer amenity and recreational areas and activities where the public can enjoy and be educated about the ecology and preservation of owls, raptors and other wildlife species including flora
  • To provide a sanctuary to aid the rescue and rehabilitation of owls and raptors
  • To advance public education on owl and raptor welfare and husbandry

As well as all of this they aim to provide an ongoing education program within the local community. They are very active with:

  • Making regular visits to localised schools and play groups
  • Providing in-house experiences for schools and community groups such as Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides
  • Regular trips to local care centres
  • Education experiences to visitors during pre-booked experiences at the Centre.

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