Here’s what you need to know about calculating your rebuild costs to make sure you’re covered.

During the COVID pandemic many of us dug out the paintbrushes, (or waited in hour long queues to order online) and saved our well-earned lockdown pennies for future household improvements.

Flash forward 18 months and you’re sure to see at least one house on every street held up by scaffolding, with numerous renovations still very much in full swing.

However, due to this increased demand, coupled with numerous COVID and Brexit related aspects, the cost of building materials and labour charges have dramatically shot through the roof – sorry for the pun!

But, with building costs and materials continuing to soar, have you recently reviewed your rebuild cost?

Recent data from has shown more than two thirds of household properties are underinsured.

The implications of being under insured are severe, with the claim payments potentially being reduced by the percentage underinsured or the policy being void from inception, in worst case scenario.

In addition to the stresses of dealing with a major loss, you would have the pressures of funding a shortfall to bring the property back into the condition prior to the damage being caused.

This worrying data has spurred us on here at Lansdown Insurance Brokers to reach out and recommend you take the time to review your rebuild cost.

It’s important to seek professional advice. As a Lansdown client, you could benefit from our partnership with, meaning you could receive your assessment for just £179*.

What’s better, the comprehensive can be undertaken without ever having to visit your home.

If you’re looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team here at Lansdown Insurance Brokers today, call 01242 524498.

It may be necessary to make changes to your insurance policy, you can make these mid-term to ensure you’re not underinsured.

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We are able to provide flexible policies to suit your individual needs and provide advice on what cover is needed.

*Subject to acceptance criteria

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