When unforeseen events strike, having the right support to navigate the complex world of insurance claims can make all the difference. Lansdown Insurance Brokers is proud to partner with Lorega Claims Management, one of the UK’s most respected independent claims management services.

Introducing Lorega Claims Management

At Lansdown, we understand the importance of a reliable insurance partner and a responsive claims process. That’s why we have an in-house claims team, dedicated to ensuring your claims are handled with efficiency and precision.

In addition to the support our own claims team provide, we can offer Lorega as an additional service. Lorega has over 35 years’ experience and is the UK’s leading claims expert, acting independently of insurance companies to help policyholders with their insurance claims.

Lorega delivers its service through Loss Recovery Insurance, an insurance policy which provides and pays for the cost of an expert loss adjuster to help policyholders prepare, negotiate and settle their claims.

What is a Lorega Loss Adjuster?

A Lorega Loss Adjuster is a claims expert who will handle the claim from notification to final settlement. Their team of experts are all qualified Chartered Loss Adjusters and have a wealth of experience in the insurance market.

What Does Lorega Claims Management Offer?

Through Loss Recovery Insurance, policyholders are provided with a Lorega Loss Adjuster working on your behalf, removing the hassle of having to quantify and negotiate your claim. This allows you to concentrate on running your business or home, while the Lorega Adjuster takes over the management of the claim and helps you to recover from any loss.

To break this down, you could benefit from the following:

Loss Mitigation Advice: Prevention is better than cure. Your Lorega adjustor will provide advice on minimising losses and damage to your business, allowing you to proactively safeguard your interests.

Claim Preparation and Submission: The claims process can be daunting and complex. Let the experts at Lorega guide you through it. They will help prepare and submit your claim, ensuring that you receive the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

Effective Communication: Navigating the insurance claims process can be frustrating. Lorega claims adjustors will act as a bridge between you and the insurance company, simplifying communication and ensuring that your interests are protected.

For more information on this service please complete the form here or speak to one of our experts on 01242 524498 or email enquiries@lansdowninsurance.com.

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