At Lansdown, we wanted to take a look at the top 3 occurring claim causes for our property clients. This data highlights the need for owners of both houses and flats to have effective property cover in place, in order to ensure they’re protected against commonly occurring events which can have a significant financial impact.

Burst pipes and water leaks (referred to as “Escape of water” in insurance terms) were the most frequently claimed for events in both houses and flats for Lansdown clients. With an average claim cost in the region of £5,000 for both flat and home owners, escape of water has also proved to be the costliest of the top three claims throughout 2023 for Lansdown clients. Storm damage, such as damage to roofs by strong winds, came in as the second most frequent cause for a claim and accidental damage completed the top three.

Darren Bee, Associate Director at Lansdown said: “Events happening beyond our control can be distressing at the best of times, but especially when our most costly possessions and treasured items are damaged or at risk. These three causes of claims all fall into that category. By insuring with a well-respected broker our clients know we are on their side, and working hard to ensure that claims are settled quickly and fairly by the insurer, leaving them to get on with their daily lives. When handling a claim, we will be on hand to support throughout the entire claims process. At Lansdown, we strive to ensure our clients have the cover they need and are treated fairly should they need to make a claim.”

Addressing the rise in water ingress claims from blocked gutters and the surge in Escape of Water incidents, Mandy Grindle, Claims Manager at Lansdown said: “Regular property maintenance checks are key to ensure your home is weather-proof; make sure to check gutters and drains are clear of leaves or debris, external water pipes are lagged to prevent frozen burst pipes, inspect the roof to see if there are any slipped or loose tiles and regularly service boiler and heating systems to ensure they are in good working order. These are just a few proactive steps that can prevent disasters. Regular maintenance not only safeguards your home but also plays a crucial role in minimising the risk of escape of water incidents. By taking these simple steps, property owners not only protect their investments but also contribute to the overall resilience of our communities, reducing the frequency of insurance claims and ensuring a safer, more secure living environment for everyone.”

Storm damage was the second most frequent claim cause for Lansdown clients in 2023 but this may well increase, especially given recent weather events and the increasing frequency of named storms. For house owners, the average claim cost was £2,709 and for those with a flat, it was nearly £1,000 more, at £3,570. Claims for storm damage often include roof repairs both to pitched and flat roofs.

Darren Bee said: “We received an email from one of our overseas clients saying that a storm had damaged his property’s roof, causing water to enter the property. We knew more storms were forecast so in order to prevent further damage to the property our claims team quickly contacted the insurer to report the claim. With hard work and constant communication with the insurer and our client, this claim was settled swiftly. Our client was extremely grateful for us advocating on their behalf and always providing helpful advice.”

Accidental damage such as damaged carpets and televisions, led to a total of 43% of claims made for home owning clients’ of Lansdown in 2023. The average claim cost for both house and flat owners for accidental damage was lower than for escape of water or storm damage claims. The average claim cost for accidental damage in houses was £1,143 and in flats it was £1,886.

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