How to make a claim

To report a new Blocks of Flats Insurance claim for property loss or damage, or any potential liability issue please contact RSA in the first instance and Lansdown if you require any further assistance.


Claims Helplines

Property Claims

T: 0345 075 5162 (choose appropriate option)

E: Property –

Liability Claims

T: 0345 077 0121


Legal Enquiry

Arc Legal

T: 0344 770 9000

Lansdown Insurance Brokers

T: 01242 524498



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“I first became a client of Lansdown Insurance in 1981 at the age of 24. I am still a client aged 62 in 2019 and will be a client for as long as I need insurance. This is a positive choice which I continue to make rather than stasis, indifference or laziness on my part. Although there are many choices available, I would never hesitate to recommend the excellent service I continue to receive at Lansdown Insurance.” “