Lansdown Giving

Lansdown Giving has kicked off for the first time in 2019. Our mission statement is to give something back to our local community of Gloucestershire.

Our staff members each selected a charity and then we are asked YOU to choose which one deserves to win a grant of £10,000.

After over

The inaugural Lansdown Giving lunch event will take place on Thursday 23rd May 2019 in our home town of Cheltenham. The top 10 charities that receive the most votes will be invited to share this special day with us, and most importantly to receive their grants which will be as follows:

  1. the sum of £10,000 to the Winning Charity;
  2. the sum of £1,000 to the First Runner Up;
  3. the sum of £850 to the Second Runner Up;
  4. the sum of £750 to the Third Runner Up;
  5. the sum of £650 to the Fourth Runner Up;
  6. the sum of £550 to the Fifth Runner Up;
  7. the sum of £450 to the Sixth Runner Up;
  8. the sum of £350 to the Seventh Runner Up;
  9. the sum of £250 to the Eighth Runner Up; and
  10. the sum of £150 to the Ninth Runner Up.

The voting has now closed. 

To read the full terms and conditions for this event please click the button below.

Lansdown Giving – Terms & Conditions