Lansdown Giving

Lansdown Giving is kicking off for the first time in 2019. Our mission statement is to give something back to our local community of Gloucestershire.

Our staff members have each selected a charity and we are asking YOU to choose which one deserves to win a grant of £10,000.

The inaugural Lansdown Giving lunch event will take place on Thursday 23rd May 2019 in our home town of Cheltenham. The top 10 charities that receive the most votes will be invited to share this special day with us, and most importantly to receive their grants which will be as follows:

  1. the sum of £10,000 to the Winning Charity;
  2. the sum of £1,000 to the First Runner Up;
  3. the sum of £850 to the Second Runner Up;
  4. the sum of £750 to the Third Runner Up;
  5. the sum of £650 to the Fourth Runner Up;
  6. the sum of £550 to the Fifth Runner Up;
  7. the sum of £450 to the Sixth Runner Up;
  8. the sum of £350 to the Seventh Runner Up;
  9. the sum of £250 to the Eighth Runner Up; and
  10. the sum of £150 to the Ninth Runner Up.

You have until 5pm on Thursday 31st January to vote for a shortlisted charity from the below list.

So, what are you waiting for? Click below to cast your vote!

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Lansdown Giving – Terms & Conditions


Abbeymead Under 5s

At Abbeymead Under Fives (AU5s) our staff and committee provide the highest quality childcare for children aged between two and four. The charity was created in 1991 to benefit local children to achieve their full potential before starting school. AU5s is an extension to a child’s home; we aim to support the whole family and their needs. As a charity we rely upon fundraising to obtain the resources we need to provide an enabling environment for the
children to flourish.

With the benefit of funding our aims would be to provide a better service to the children through:
• Staff training in special educational needs (SEN) and speech and language support.
• Improvements to the outdoor play area and its resources.
• Provision of agencies to offer the children additional experiences particularly in music,
drama and physical activities.
• Maintain the interior of the building such as flooring and decor.

Abbeymead Under 5s website -

CCP Cheltenham

Caring for Communities and People (CCP) is a Cheltenham based registered Charity (No. 1043143) that existed to improve the lives of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults by Preventing Homelessness, Strengthening Families and Supporting Independence.

The need to provide specialist debt advice has increased dramatically since the introduction of Universal Credit, online accoutn management, and families needing help with budgeting as they move from weekly benefits to monthly payments. A grant will fund a much-needed Specialist Debt Advisor who will provide 1-2-1 advice to disadvantaged people in Cheltenham, many of whom live in the most income deprived areas, including Hesters Way, St MArk's, St Paul's and Oakley.

The Specialist Debt Advisor will help disadvantaged people improve their prospects of becoming debt free through: education, acting on the client's behalf, checking all benefit entitlements claimed e.g. Universal Credit, providing emergency food supplies, debt relief orders, casework and court representation.

CCP Cheltenham website -

Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Cheltenham Animal Shelter is a charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted and abandoned dogs, cats and small animals. The charity is not eligible for Government funding and so relies heavily on the support and generosity of the general public to enable us to help as many as 800 animals each year and meet our annual running costs of £650,000.

We work tirelessly as a charity, ensuring the animals are well cared for and housed as comfortably as possible for the duration of their stay. Therefore, any money we would be lucky enough to win would be utilised in much-needed refurbishment of our rehoming kennels, which are currently dark and uninspiring and would greatly benefit from improved lighting, roof repair and updating throughout.

By improving the kennel facilities, we would ultimately be improving the kennel-stay experience for the rescue dogs in residence until they are able to move on to their forever homes.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter website -

Cotswold Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

Cotswold RDA is much more than just a riding school!

It is a supportive community of riders, families, carers, schools, colleges, trustees, volunteers, staff and ponies.

We offer riding lessons to over 200 disabled adults and children, supported by 180 volunteers. We measure improvements in our riders’ fitness, horsemanship, enjoyment, confidence, communication and ability to form relationships.

It’s not all about riding – new initiatives include afternoon tea with a pony for people living with dementia.

Volunteering with us brings benefits like physical exercise, new skills and a sense of achievement.

Life for the parents of a disabled child is stressful. They tell us that while their children are riding they enjoy rare moments of relaxation as they meet other parents, with many forging new friendships.

It costs £16 to deliver each 30-minute lesson but we only charge £7 for under 16.
The grant would subsidize the costs of our lessons.

Cotswold RDA website -

Family Space

Family Space is based within West Cheltenham. Since its beginning in 1995 Family Space exists to support positive change for the vulnerable and isolated who need our community-based service. Through a programme of activities and individual help we encourage family relationships, giving a sense of hope. This ensures the welfare of the whole family by encouraging them to nurture and develop loving, healthy relationships. From these foundations parents and children can improve life experiences now and in the future resulting in the benefits that parents are more confident and capable in coping with the stresses of family life. They begin to operate their own support networks in the community and children are more likely to grow up in a safer and more secure environment.

The grant money will go towards the running of support services to build and encourage positive family relationships in order to prevent the a crisis escalating.

Family Space website -

Gloucestershire Bundles

Gloucestershire Bundles is a charity set up to help children and families throughout Gloucestershire.
Its a sad fact that in today's world, the 21st century, that there are children living in poverty. Not just in big cities but on our door step living in Gloucestershire.
In the last year we helped just over 365 families. That's a family a day. Taking into account that Gloucestershire Bundles is a small charity run entirely by volunteers that at the moment open just three mornings a week and the volunteers give all their time for free.
At the moment this year we are on track to help just as many families. It might even be higher as the demand is so high and we are busier than we have ever been. For example in this October half term we had 17 referral's in just 4 days, 11 of those in 2 days.

How we run - We take in donations of clothes, toys, nappies, toiletries, equipment eg cots, pushchairs, stairgates and lots more.
We then take in referrals from professional's on behalf of families for the items that they are in need of.
Gloucestershire Bundles helps families in need or in situations through no fault of there own.

Gloucestershire Bundles objectives for next year and what we would put the grant towards if we were lucky enough to win.

-Our main focus is to make sure we continue helping families in Gloucestershire and make sure we are making a difference.
But we would love to kick start a fund to enable us then to look at helping more families by taking the next step to make our charity bigger by employing a paid member of staff and your grant would go a long way to help us start the process.

Through a email we cant describe the daily need for our charity as its unbelievable, as volunteers the pressure we are under to make this charity work and continue is immense knowing these families would have no where else to turn.
We would appreciate any help and maybe together we can change the statistics in child poverty in Gloucestershire.

You are always welcome to come and look around at our base in Quedgeley and have a chat.
If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.

Here is the link to our website

Gloucestershire Deaf Association

You’re 62 and approaching retirement. You’ve planned a life surrounded by music – enjoying concerts with family and friends. Then overnight you lose your hearing. Everything changes in a heartbeat.

You are just five years old and in your first term at school. All the other children are running around the playground making new friends, but you’re deaf. None of them can use British Sign Language (BSL) so you spend your playtimes on your own, just watching.

Sadly these scenarios are all too common in today’s society and with over 46,000 deaf children, young people and adults in Gloucestershire, the chances are that we all know someone who is living with deafness. GDA is the only charity in the county providing practical and emotional support, which enables a person to live confidently with their deafness. Any funding GDA receives will help ensure the future of the 32-different services the charity provides.

GDA website –

Gloucestershire Young Carers

Gloucestershire Young Carers supports children and young people from 8 years old to 24 whose lives are detrimentally affected by the fact they have one or more family members who are ill, disabled, experiencing mental ill health or who are affected by substance misuse. We work with more than 1000 young people to reduce the impact of their caring role through respite support groups, away-days, one to one support and counselling based groups aimed at building resilience, encouraging aspirations and supporting them to achieve in spite of their caring responsibilities.

Gloucestershire Young Carers website -

Hollie Gazzard Trust

When Hollie Gazzard was horrifically murdered in February 2014, in Gloucester, her family wanted something positive to come out of their tragic loss. This led Hollie’s parents, Nick and Mandy, alongside her sister, Chloe, to form the Hollie Gazzard Trust to give opportunities to others, opportunities and knowledge that Hollie unfortunately did not have.

One of the programs we support for young people in Gloucestershire is CRUSH, a structured program of group support and empowerment for young people in the aged 13-19 years. The beneficiaries are those at risk of, witnessed, or have been affected by, domestic abuse. The program aims to help young people identify the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship, how they may safely exit an abusive relationship and learn coping mechanisms. This enables young people affected by domestic abuse to de-traumatise and return them to mainstream education.

HGT funds a Young Person’s Coordinator to deliver this program, the only organisation in Gloucestershire running this type of project for teenagers. Funding would be hugely vital to help put young people through the CRUSH program. Currently there is a waiting list, with child protection referrals made as a result of domestic abuse incidents in 12 months to 30 June 2017 within Gloucestershire alone stands at 2,068.

Hollie Gazzard Trust website -

James Hopkins Trust

James Hopkins Trust provides care for babies and children up to the age of 5 who live in Gloucestershire who have a life limiting or life threatening condition.

Some parents will know their baby has a condition that will cause severe disability or shorten their life before they are born, other babies will be diagnosed soon after birth or in early childhood. Often no-one can tell you how long your child will live, only that they need constant care. Caring for a very poorly child can place a strain on the whole family. Under such pressure families can fall apart, we are here to make sure every child & their family get the best possible care and support. £10,000 would pay for every Gloucestershire child we care for to have a free nursing respite session in their home or at Kites Corner, our purpose built multisensory respite centre.

James Hopkins website -


Mindsong works in 80 care homes, day centres and private homes throughout Gloucestershire, with people who have complex dementia. Our team of professionals and 350 volunteers live all over the county. Every single one of them is devoted to making the lives of people with dementia better through music. We are often there at a bedside, gently singing in someone's last moments. You will find us holding a hand and making eye contact as someone rediscovers the words to a favourite song. We are there when a couple are able to say 'I love you and know you' when for a long time there has been so recognition at all.

Our work can be joyous, sad, amazing, frustrating, humbling and often very funny. None of us can imagine doing anything more worthwhile. We would use our grant to keep offering our free music therapy service to couples in crisis and to support our much valued Meaningful Music volunteer teams.

Mindsong website -

Pied Piper Appeal

We at Pied Piper operate as a small team, with just 3 paid employees to cover the running of the charity, who’s aim is to make a difference to sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire. We do this in four main ways;
1, By Supporting all of the SEND schools in Gloucestershire with equipment and resources
2, By sending children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses and their families on a wish holiday to make lasting memories.
3, By funding The children’s Centre at Gloucester Royal hospital including staff training courses.
4, By improving the children’s experiences within mental health facilities that are becoming more and more in demand in the county.

We keep our team small and our cost low so that the highest possible percentage of every pound raised goes directly towards helping the causes we care so passionately about.

We are submitting this application to support the fundraising to install hoist and tracking systems, in 3 classrooms at St Roses School in Stroud, for students with complex needs . The students will benefit from this as they will have minimum disruption to their lessons with reliable hoisting and smooth transition from one room to another. The inspirational students are positive and happy people, despite their needs and they deserve the best facilities possible. This forms part of a bigger project to provide hoist and tracking to St Rose’s.

Pied Piper Appeal website -
St Rose School website -

St Vincent's & St George's Association

St Vincent’s & St George’s Association provides a wide range of care and support services to the most vulnerable people in Gloucestershire. This includes the provision of a number of supported living houses across the county, domiciliary care services and our modern activity centre, ‘Phoenix’ in Cheltenham Town Centre, offering a range of inclusive activities for all. The vulnerable people that we work with include; people with complex physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities, those with mental health issues, older persons and anyone else that may be at risk of isolation.

We are currently starting up an exciting social enterprise in the form of a Guesthouse in Central Cheltenham. This will revolutionise the employability of people with disabilities, providing an environment for learners to gain skills, qualifications and experience in a real working (but supportive) environment. If selected, we would use any money awarded on making this project a reality!

St Vincent’s & St George’s Association website -

Sunflower Suicide Support

Every 40 seconds someone takes their own life. Every 41 seconds families and friends are left devastated. We are one of those families after losing Pete to suicide.

The ripples of heartache flow through communities leaving people traumatised and trying to make sense of how and why this happened. Sunflowers are a ray of light offering hope in the darkest times.

We support families bereaved by suicide walking alongside them. We offer practical support. Grief recovery courses. Support groups and much more.

We deliver accredited training to the wider community in suicide Intervention to help save lives.

We are actively involved in many initiatives to raise awareness and shatter the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide.

Everything we do is self funded and we desperately need support to help us continue to meet the demand before us. This money would be put directly into helping others and ultimately saving lives.

Sunflower Suicide Support website -

The Barn Owl Centre

Here at the Barn Own Centre our Mission is to preserve the wild Barn Owl along with other raptor species, as well as, working towards the advancement of conservation through environmental projects and research studies.

Some of the key components are:

- To educate the public on owls and raptors
- To maintain a working centre which includes a nature reserve with recreational areas
- To provide a sanctuary for sick and injured owls and raptors
- To conserve and maintain the land managed by the charity all for the benefit of the environment and wildlife

Should we be fortunate to receive any grant, our intention is to create a community café which will support the centre along with a photo gallery.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

The Barn Owl Centre website -

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden, is an educational, recreational and therapeutic project, for people dealing with issues that they find disabling. It was launched in 2002 on a four acre site on the outskirts of Cheltenham. It offers a safe, social environment and a wide range of stimulating and purposeful activities.

We try to offer an opportunity to all, irrespective of age or condition. Currently the project is visited by more than 150 students every week, with some travelling considerable distances. The young come from schools and colleges (with many returning after leaving education). Our older students may be referred by family and friends, by Social services or the NHS. Others by Care organisations and homes. Many, just find us.

The Butterfly Garden website -

Our provision is free, with people neither paying or being paid for their involvement. We are open five days a week between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm and stay open through the school holidays.

We will be looking to create a very special educational experience. An ‘Escape Room’* tailored to the needs of groups of students and focused on improving numeracy, literacy, cognitive and life skills. This initiative based on a commercial entertainment will be quite unique and is a very exciting scheme. Unlike it’s commercial counterpart it will not be run as a business. It is this initiative that we would most like to have help with………….we have already secured a suitable building.

The Butterfly Garden website -

Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre

Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre is a registered charity established in 1984 to facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Over the years Vale Wildlife has grown from being a small rescue centre serving Gloucestershire & Worcestershire to become an internationally respected award winning wildlife hospital. In 2018 we have treated 5866 casualties*, both at the hospital and 'in the field'. We have also provided telephone advice for the countless enquiries that are recieved daily from both the UK and overseas.

Running costs of £40,000 per month make fundraising for projects a huge challenge. We would use this grant to improve our facilities for otter rehabilitation, namely the provision of accommodation with a large pool and secure perimeter. This will enable us to rehabilitate otters ourselves rather than having to transport them to other centres around the UK.
(* at the time of submission)

Vale Wildlife website -